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iRTG Program WS 2013/14

Doctoral Students Seminar

22. Oct 2013
JbeilyCombination of enzymatic polycondensation with controlled radical polymerizationMLU
21. Nov 2013
AntonRevealing molecular structure by means of vibrational spectroscopyMLU
12. Dec 2013
KasegoankarSynthesis and characterization of star shaped supramolecular block copolymersUL
30. Jan 2014
BärenwaldSolid-state NMR investigation of lipid bilayers in interaction with membrane
modifying polyphilic molecules
11. Feb 2014
KuhnholdPassive and active microrheology of a polymer melt studied by molecular dynamics simulationsMLU
  • MLU-location: 1.12, Von-Danckelmann-Platz 3, Halle
  • UL-location: Seminar room 224, Linnéstr. 5, Leipzig (same building of SFB Colloq.)

Additional Qualification Programs

Other ways to obtain points

  • Active participation by giving talks: In coordination with the SFB office we would like you to suggest your topic and occasion of your talk.
  • Registration for season schools: please let us know, what you have participated in
  • External Research Experience: please let us know, if you have had an external research experience