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Faculty of Natural Sciences II - Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics


Für aktuelle Informationen zur gegenwärtigen Situation verweisen wir auf die offizielle Seite der Universität.

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Orientierungshilfe des ITZ

Orientierungshilfe des ITZ zur Kommunikation im Home-Office und zur Digitalen Lehre

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Faculty buildings on Campus Heide

Faculty buildings on Campus Heide

Faculty buildings on Campus Heide

Studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences II

We offer exciting course programs and optimal learning and studying conditions. Already on the Bachelor level, students get involved in high-level research performed at the different institutes. Different Master programs are set up to provide a full education in science, paving the path for excellent career opportunities, including PhD studies at the different local research institutions.

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Dean's office

Dean of the FacultyProf. Dr. Georg Schmidt
Dean of ResearchProf. Dr. Dariush Hinderberger