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Research at the Faculty of Natural Sciences II - Chemistry and Physics is in line with MLU's major research areas: Materials- and Biosciences form the framework of many projects of the individual research groups or the numerous collaborative initiatives. Among these, there are several locally and federally funded Collaborative Research Centers, Networks of Excellence, Graduate Schools, Competence Centers, as well as the Intl. Max-Planck Research School for the Science and Technology of Nanostructures.

For a summary of our research activities, please check our recently published "research portfolio" (pdf).

Institute of Chemistry

Numerous groups at the Institute of Chemistry are engaged in the synthesis and the characterization of complex materials, as well as the chemistry of biorelevant substances and materials. Four groups at Institute of Chemistry as well as one physics group constitute the DFG research unit 1145, which is concerned with the interactions between synthetic polyphilic molecules with model membranes.

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Institute of Physics

Our focus of physics research in theory and experiment is condensed-matter physics, comprising classical solid-state physics (interfaces and nanostructured materials, photovoltaics) as well as soft-matter physics and biophysics. Please consult the research pages of the institute for more detailed information.

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Institute of Mathematics

Research at the Institute of Mathematics focusses on modeling, analysis and simulation of complex systems, relating to discreet and constant, deterministic and stochastic structures, as well as their applications in science and economics.

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