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Research at the Institute of Chemistry

Research at the Institute of Chemistry is conducted in 13 work groups as well as one junior research group, and is geared towards the faculty research foci Nanostructured Materials, Functional Solid Interfaces, Photovoltaics, and Renewable Energies, as well as Chemistry of Biorelevant Substances.

(A) Nanostructured Materials (polymers, functional solid interfaces, soft matter)
(B) Photovoltaics (chemistry and physics of renewable energies)
(C) Chemistry and Physics of Biorelevant Substances and Structures (membranes, bioorganics, food chemistry)

These activities are supported by numerous DFG-, EU-, and BMBF-projects, as well as an embedded DFG research unit (FOR 1145) and the ZIK Halomem. Application-oriented research is fostered in the framework of a Fraunhofer Innocluster with active participation of work groups of the institute.

For detailed information please refer to the Institute of Chemistry.