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iRTG Program SS 2015

Doctoral Students Seminar

30. April 2015
JbeilyCombining fluorescence with fluorophilicity: two conceptsUL, SR532
21. May 2015
SeidlitzSemicrystalline Structure of PolyethyleneoxideMLU, VDP3, 104
11. June 2015
AguiarDynamic and morphology behavior of self-assembled block copolymersUL, SR532
9. July 2015
AppiahBreakout crystallization in dynamic supramolecular PCL-s-PIB block copolymerMLU, VSP1, 509
18. August 2015YanThe relationship between Structure and Rheology of supramolecular polymer meltMLU,
SR 1.04
15. September 2015ReimannPrecision Polymers - tuning polymer behavior by structural controlMLU,
SR 1.03
  • MLU-location: Von-Danckelmann-Platz 3 (VDP3) or
    Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1 (VSP1) Halle
  • UL-location: Linnestr. 5, Leipzig (same building of SFB Colloq.)

Additional Qualification Programs

Other ways to obtain points

  • Active participation by giving talks: In coordination with the SFB office we would like you to suggest your topic and occasion of your talk.
  • Registration for season schools: please let us know, what you have participated in
  • External Research Experience: please let us know, if you have had an external research experience