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iRTG program WS 2014/15

Doctoral Students Seminar

23. October 2014
BaburConfined relaxation dynamics in comb-like polymer: alkoxylated polyester seriesMLU, SR1.12, VDP 3
06. November 2014
AntonRevealing the molecular structure by means of vibrational spectroscopyUL (SR225)
11. December 2014
KipnusuStructure and Dynamics of Poly(styrene-b-1,4-isoprene) Diblock Copolymer
under 1D and 2D Nanoconfinement
UL (SR225)
24. February 2015
LinkInteraction of eye-lens crystallins in their natural surroundingMLU SR1.12, VDP 3
24. March 2015NaumovaResearch of chain deformation in stretched and swollen elastomers by NMRMLU SR1.12, VDP 3
  • MLU-location: tba, Halle
  • UL-location: SR 225, Linnestr. 5, Leipzig (same building of SFB Colloq.)

Additional Qualification Programs

Other ways to obtain points

  • Active participation by giving talks: In coordination with the SFB office we would like you to suggest your topic and occasion of your talk.
  • Registration for season schools: please let us know, what you have participated in
  • External Research Experience: please let us know, if you have had an external research experience