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iRTG Program SS 2012

Doctoral Students Seminar

Apr – Tue 24.4.12 16:00 at MLU preceding Soft-Matter Sem
May - Tue 22.5.12 16:00 at MLU preceding Soft-Matter Sem
Jun – Tue   5.6.12 16.00 at MLU preceding  Soft-Matter Sem
Jun - Thrs  28.6.12 15:30 at UL preceding the SFB-Colloq
July - no meeting
August - no meeting
Sept – likely Tue 4.9.12 16:00 at MLU preceding Soft-Matter-Colloq
Oct - tba

MLU-location: 1.27, VDP4, Halle

UL-location: Seminarraum 221, Linnéstr. 5, Leipzig (same building of SFB Colloq.)

Advanced Training Modules

There are no advanced training modules planned for this semester.

The first ATM is expected to be held in September / October 2012.

SFB TRR 102 Workshops

Other ways to obtain points

  • Active participation by giving talks: In coordination with the SFB office we would like you to suggest your topic and occasion of your talk.
  • Registration for season schools: please let us know, what you have participated in
  • External Research Experience: please let us know, if you have had an external research experience

Special Offer for BSc/MSc students at MLU

English Conversation Course - for BSc/MSc at MLU

If you are Bachelor or Master student in Chemistry or Physics at MLU and interested to join our English Courses, please follow the link.