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Open positions in polymer science

PhD Position available: “Machine Learning with Active
Particles” | Leipzig University

A PhD position is available to work under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Frank Cichos on machine learning of active particles.

Active particles are model systems for biological systems like bacteria. They self-propel under energy consumption, but lack besides their physical interactions the possibility to develop behavior, i.e., to react to neighbors or signals in their environment. The PhD student in this project will develop experimental procedures that combine algorithms of artificial intelligence with optical control techniques to allow active particles to develop behavior.


  • should have or expect to achieve a Masters-level degree in Physics
  • interest in working at the interface between soft matter physics, biophysics and photonics
  • strong interest and self-motivation in the subject
  • good experimental practice
  • ability to think analytically and creatively.
  • Good computer skills as well as presentation and writing skills in English

To apply in first instance, please email a motivation letter, an up-to-date CV and your certificates of graduation including a transcript of your courses to Prof. Dr. Frank Cichos (). The position is available immediately. The application deadline is extended to November 14, 2019.

Please visit our group website for more details about our research:   

PhD Position available: “Crystallization of individualized macromolecules” | Leipzig University

Miniaturization is an ongoing trend in modern technology which promises enhanced technologies such as microscopic sensors or molecular machines. These developments require a profound knowledge of the materials properties on the nanoscale since many materials behave very different if reduced to the level of very few or individual molecules.

This PhD project will cover fundamental questions on polymer crystallization and focus particularly on the impact of reduced sample volumes down to individual polymer chains. This will be achieved by a cutting-edge method, which combines nano-structured electrodes and nano-patterned surfaces, to employ dielectric spectroscopy on an ensemble of individualized macromolecules. Topographical characterization of the samples also involves regular atomic force microscopy. The project is embedded in the collaborative research center CRC TRR 102 which joins the forces of leading experts in the field of polymer science and particularly polymer crystallization. This stimulating environment offers many occasions for fruitful exchange and scientific collaborations.

The position has a duration of until June 30, 2023.


  • Master degree in physics
  • fundamental knowledge in soft matter physics and spectroscopic techniques during studies
  • delicate sample preparation is no obstacle because of the candidate’s extraordinary manual skills
  • for the data analysis, some basic programming skills are recommended
  • previous experience in dielectric spectroscopy and/or atomic force microscopy are helpful.

To apply in first instance, please email a motivation letter, an up-to-date CV and your certificates of graduation including a transcript of your courses to Dr. Martin Treß (), Peter Debye Institute for Soft Matter Physics, Leipzig University. The application deadline is extended to December 6, 2019.

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