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Prospective doctoral students

Welcome to the homepage of the Integrated Research Training Group "Polymers: random coils and beyond". Here you will find an introduction to the graduate school, how to apply for the doctoral studies, how your application will be processed and information for international students.

The graduate school is a common initiative of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and the University of Leipzig (UL). Doctoral students from the area of physics, chemistry and life sciences work and study in the field of polymer science, which is a common key activity at both institutions in one of the centers of polymer research in Germany. Established at the beginning of 2012, the graduate program has 30 member from six different nations.

Aims and scope of the graduate program

Doctoral students in the lab

Doctoral students in the lab

The graduate program at Halle/Leipzig has two main goals: the development of a broad background in polymer science, and, through additional soft skill courses, the expansion of transferable skills. Doctoral students work closely with an established advisor and meet regularly with a member of the mentoring program. The broad training in polymer science is enriched by topically related lectures and lecture series of the local faculty and international guest researchers. The training of specific research methodologies is offered to the members in two-day "Advanced Training Modules (ATM)." Our doctoral students also learn how to give professional presentations and write manuscripts for publication.

An overview of the academic progress is given by our doctoral students at retreats and workshops twice a year. Owing to the interdisciplinary nature of the program, our students are prepared for careers in research and teaching at the university level or research in industrial laboratories.


The Integrated Research Training Group "Polymers: random coils and beyond" is a graduate school, which is part of, but in its scope not limited to the Collaborative Research Center SFB/TRR 102 funded by the german research foundation “Deutsche Forschungs Gemeinschaft” (DFG). Funding is provided through grants and scholarships by the DFG.

Open positions

We are looking for highly motivated and qualified national and international doctoral students with strong interest in polymer science.

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How to apply

In most cases, applications have to be initiated at our application portal.

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