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Effects of confinement on the structure and dynamics of intrinsically disordered proteins and the process of amyloid aggregation (M.Ott)


  • PhD degree in Natural Science
  • knowledge in single-molecule FCS techniques, biochemistry and soft-matter physics
  • profound knowledge of data analysis and programming as expected from a major in physical chemistry or physics

Detailed information of project
project_descr_MOtt_Sept2017.pdf (693,3 KB)  vom 15.09.2017

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Ballistic Hot Brownian Motion (F. Cichos)


  • Master degree or equivalent in Physics
  • background in optical microscopy and optical tweezers
  • fundamental knowledge in statistical physics
  • programming and data analysis experience

Detailed information of project
Stellenausschreibung_HBBM_Cichos.pdf (266,7 KB)  vom 01.08.2017

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