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Open postdoctoral positions

Postdoctoral position

Dynamic and Structural Properties of Amyloid Forming
and Intrinsically Disordered Polypeptide Chains (with
Thomas Kiefhaber)


  • Ph.D. in the field of Physics, Physical Chemistry or Biochemistry
  • Experience with biophysical concepts
  • Some computer programming knowledge.

Detailed information of project of Thomas Kiefhaber
Postdoctoral_Position_TK_Nov2017.pdf (622 KB)  vom 08.11.2017

Open PhD student positions

PhD position

Conformational Dynamics in Proteins and Peptides on the Nanoseconds to Microseconds (with Thomas Kiefhaber)


  • Master degree or equivalent in Physics. Physical Chemistry or Biochemistry
  • Some knowledge in biophysics/biophysical chemistry, optical spectroscopy and kinetics
  • Knowledge of mathematical concepts and computer programming

Detailed information of project
PhD_position_TK_Nov2017.pdf (604.8 KB)  vom 08.11.2017

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The impact of confinement on amyloid structure formation and aggregation (M.Ott)


  • Master degree or equivalent in Biophysics or Physics
  • some knowledge in X-ray scattering and biophysics/soft-matter physics
  • profound command of mathematical concepts
  • some computer programming knowledge

Detailed information of project
web-MO_SFB-B12-Doc_openPosition_10-2017.pdf (689.3 KB)  vom 29.09.2017

Ballistic Hot Brownian Motion (F. Cichos)


  • Master degree or equivalent in Physics
  • background in optical microscopy and optical tweezers
  • fundamental knowledge in statistical physics
  • programming and data analysis experience

Detailed information of project
Stellenausschreibung_HBBM_Cichos.pdf (266.7 KB)  vom 01.08.2017

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