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Manual "Polymer Materials Science"
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Flyer "Polymer Materials Science"
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Contact Person
"Polymer Materials Science"
Dr. Karsten Busse

phone: ++49 345 / 55 25 802
fax: ++49 345 / 55 27 017

Von-Danckelmann-Platz 4,
Raum E.16
06120 Halle (Saale)

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1st semester

The first semester provides a broad introduction to polymer science.  Also the lab capabilities of the students will be improved. Furthermore,  depending on a elective specialization in either physics or chemistry,  the basic knowledge in these fields is deepened in the polymer context,  and advanced (!) courses in the respective disciplines are offered.

2nd and 3rd semester

The second semester continues some modules from semester 1 and  improves the knowledge and the experimental skills of the students in  the fields of polymer physics and polymer chemistry, which are attended  by students from both specializations. In the third semester, the  students will be introduced to polymer research, including a 150 hours  project work. Then, they can select between three specializations:  polymer physics, polymer chemistry, and polymer engineering, one of  which will be the subject area of the master thesis.

4th semester

This term is reserved for your Master's Thesis. It is to be written  in the English language, and is completed with an oral defense. Usually,  the research will be performed at the Departments of Physics or  Chemistry. Polymer-related topics can also be supervised in other  Departments at the Martin Luther University or in affiliated  institutions such as the Max-Planck- or Fraunhofer Insitutes.