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7th Retreat in Bad Schandau

7th Retreat (September 13-15, 2021)

As in the years before, the retreat will give an overview of the projects of the SFB TRR 102 "Polymers under Constrained Conditions" and supports collaborations within the SFB/TRR 102 "Polymers under multiple constraints". But the retreat will also serve to prepare the final publications and organise the final conference.

(Preliminary) Schedule

TimeMonday (13.9.2021)
Departure from Halle (Bus Station, Ernst-Kamieth-Strasse)
Departure from Leipzig (car park Messe Park and Ride, train stop: Leipzig Messe (S-Bahn)
11.00Arrival at Bad Schandau
11.30Talk: Jonas Warneke & Sebastian Kawa
"Ion soft-landing for the generation of polymer layers and peptide layers on surfaces"
13.00Poster Session
14.30Talk: Kay Saalwächter
"Morphology formation in semicrystalline polymers – recent progress and the big picture"
15.00Coffee Break
15.30Discussions on final publications (PIs only)
15.30In parallel: Discussions on the organisation of the final conference (Doctoral students)
17.00Individual discussions or Walk around Bad Schandau
20.00Talk: Rupert Schnell
"Circular Polymer - Challenge for Industry and Society"
TimeTuesday (14.9.2021)
from 7.00Breakfast
8.00Discussions on the organisation of the final conference (Doctoral students)
8.00In parallel: Individual discussions (when needed)
9.00Talk: Maria Ott
“Inherent environmental adaptivity of the Alzheimer peptide towards different pathways of fibrillation”
Talk: Tiago Mendes Ferreira
"The molecular structure of long n-alkanes in phospholipid membranes"
10.00Coffee Break
10.30Talk: Qiang Yu
“Understanding and controlling the crystallization and mechanical properties of biodegradable polyesters”
Talk: Alexander Korn
"Self-Organization and Dynamics of Mutated Amyloid-β Protein Fibrils"
11.15Talk: Frank Cichos
"Optical Tools for Polymers and Amyloids"
13.00Hiking through Sächsische Schweiz
20.00Talk: Tomas Brage "What does Gender have to do with Physics?"
TimeWednesday (15.9.2021)
from 7.00Breakfast
9.00Talk: Martin Treß
"Polymer Crystallization in Nanoscopic Sample Sizes"
9.30Presentation of the results for the organisation of the final conference
10.00Coffee Break
10.15Talk: Ulrich Schubert
"Supramolecular interactions in polymers – From halogen bonds to metallopolymers"
11.00Individual discussions
13.00PI Meeting
13.00In parallel: iRTG Meeting
14.00Departure to Leipzig/Halle
16.30 / 17.15Arrival at Leipzig/Halle


  • Date: 13.9.-15.9.2021
  • Departure of bus from Halle/Leipzig: 8.00 am/8:45 am
  • Arrival of bus in Leipzig/Halle: approx. 4:30/5:15pm
  • Venue: Hotel Elbresidenz, 01814 Bad Schandau



Detailed program
program_retreat7_092021.pdf (386.2 KB)  vom 09.09.2021