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Publications 2020

Publications SFB TRR 102

Involved projects are stated in brackets.

  1. G. Baffou, F. Cichos, R. Quidant,
    Applications and challenges of thermoplasmonics
    Nat Materials 19, 946–958 (2020) [B10]

  2. J. Freudenberg, and W. Binder,
    Chirality Control of Screw-Sense in Aib-Polymers: Synthesis and Helicity of Amino Acid Functionalized Polymers
    ACS Macro Lett 9, 686-692 (2020) [A03]

  3. V. Danke, S. Reimann, W. Binder, G. Gupta, M. Beiner,
    Tuning layered superstructures in precision polymers
    Sci. Rep. 10, 12119 (2020) [A03/B14]

  4. S. Deike, S. Rothemund, B. Voigt, S. Samantray, B. Strodel, W. Binder,
    β-Turn mimetic synthetic peptides as amyloid-β aggregation inhibitors
    Bioorg. Chem. 101, 104012 (2020) [A12/Z01]

  5. M. B. Canalp, and W. Binder,
    Hybrid polymers bearing oligo-L-lysine(carboxybenzyl)s: synthesis andinvestigations of secondary structure
    RSC Adv. 10, 1287 (2020) [A12]

  6. Merve Basak Canalp, Annette Meister, Wolfgang H. Binder,
    Secondary structure of end group functionalized oligomeric-l-lysines: investigations of solvent and structure dependent helicit
    RSC Adv. 9, 21707 (2020) [A12]

  7. Martha Schulz, Anne Seidlitz, Albrecht Petzold, and Thomas Thurn-Albrecht,
    The effect of intracrystalline chain dynamics on melting and reorganization during heating in semicrystalline polymers
    Polymer 196, 122441 (2020) [A01]

  8. Yongna Qiao, Martha Schulz, Hai Wang, Ran Chen, Mareen Schäfer, Thomas Thurn-Albrecht, Yongfeng Menb,
    Hierarchical structure of polybutene-1 in crystal blocks resulting from the form II to I solid-to-solid transition as revealed by small-angle X-ray scattering
    Polymer 195, 122425 (2020) [A01]

  9. Mareen Schäfer, Niklas Wallstein, Martha Schulz, Thomas Thurn-Albrecht, and Kay Saalwächter,
    Intracrystalline Dynamics in Oligomer-Diluted Poly(Ethylene Oxide)
    Macromol. Chem. Phys. 221, 1900393 (2020) [A01]

  10. Sonu Kumar and Wolfgang H. Binder,
    Peptide-induced RAFT polymerization via an amyloid-β17–20-based chain transfer agent
    Soft Matter 16, 6964 (2020) [A03/A12]

  11. Sonu Kumar, Gerd Hause, and Wolfgang H. Binder,
    Bifunctional Peptide−Polymer Conjugate-Based Fibers via a One-Pot Tandem Disulfide Reduction Coupled to a Thio-Bromo“Click”Reaction
    ACS OMEGA 5, 19020-19028 (2020) [A03/A12]

  12. Sonu Kumar, Gerd Hause, and Wolfgang H. Binder,
    Thio-Bromo “Click” Reaction Derived Polymer–Peptide Conjugates for Their Self-Assembled Fibrillar Nanostructures
    Macromol. Biosci. 20, 2000048 (2020) [A03/A12]

  13. Michel Biewend, Philipp Michael, Wolfgang H. Binder,
    Detection of stress in polymers: mechanochemical activation of CuAAC click reactions in poly(urethane) networks
    Soft Matter 16, 1137-1141 (2020) [A03/A12]

  14. Zhanna Evgrafova, Sven Rothemund, Bruno Voigt, Gerd Hause, Jochen Balbach, and Wolfgang H. Binder,
    Synthesis and Aggregation of Polymer-Amyloid beta Conjugates
    Macromol. Rapid. Commun. 41, 1900378 (2020) [A03/A12/Z01]

  15. Steve Neumann, Michel Biewend, Sravendra Rana, and Wolfgang H. Binder,
    The CuAAC: Principles, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysts, and Novel Developments and Applications
    Macromol. Rapid. Commun. 41, 1900359 (2020) [A03/A12]

  16. Atsushi Narumi, Masatsugu Yamada,Yamato Unno, Jiro Kumaki, Wolfgang H. Binder, Kazushi Enomoto, Moriya Kikuchi, and Seigou Kawaguchi,
    Evaluation of Ring Expansion-Controlled Radical Polymerization System by AFM Observation
    ACS Macro Lett 8, 634-638 (2020) [A03]

  17. Holger A. Scheidt, Anirban Das, Alexander Korn, Martin Krueger, Sudipta Maiti, and Daniel Huster,
    Structural characteristics of oligomers formed by pyroglutamate-modified amyloid β peptides studied by solid-state NMR
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 22, 16887-16895 (2020) [A06]

  18. Alexander Korn, Corinna Höfling, Ulrike Zeitschel, Martin Krueger, Steffen Roßner, and Daniel Huster,
    Incorporation of the Nonproteinogenic Amino Acid β-Methylamino-alanine Affects Amyloid β Fibril Properties and Toxicity
    ACS Chem. Neurosci 11, 1038-1047 (2020) [A06]

  19. Laura Katharina Scarbath-Evers, René Hammer, Dorothea Golze, Martin Brehm, Daniel Sebastiani and Wolf Widdra,
    From flat to tilted: gradual interfaces in organic thin film growth
    Nanoscale 12, 3834-3845 (2020) [A09/B02]

  20. Torsten John, Juhaina Bandak, Nilushiya Sarveson, Claudia Hackl, Herre Jelger Risselada, Andrea Prager, Christian Elsner, and Bernd Abel,
    The Growth, Polymorphism, and Spatially Controlled Surface Immobilization of Biotinylated Variants of IAPP(21-27) Fibrils
    Biomacromolecules 21, 783-792 (2020) [B01]

  21. Suman Majumder, Henrik Christiansen, and Wolfhard Janke,
    Understanding non equilibrium scaling laws governing collapse of a polymer
    Eur. Phys. J. B 93, 142 (2020) [B04]

  22. Ravinder Kumar, Jonathan Gross, Wolfhard Janke, Martin Weigel,
    Massively parallel simulations for disordered systems
    Eur. Phys. J. B 93, 79 (2020) [B04]

  23. Stefan Schnabel, and Wolfhard Janke,
    Counting metastable states of Ising spin glasses on hypercubic lattices
    Eur. Phys. J. B 93, 53 (2020) [B04]

  24. Nazmul Hasan, Christian Fuchs, Christian Schwieger, Karsten Busse, Oleksandr Dolynchuk, and Jörg Kressler,
    Crystallization of poly(ε-caprolactone) at the air-water interface studied by IRRAS and GI-WAXS
    Polymer 196, 122468 (2020) [B07]

  25. Arthur Markus Anton, Falk Frenzel, Jiayin Yuan, Martin Tress and Friedrich Kremer,
    Hydrogen bonding and charge transport in a protic polymerized ionic liquid
    Soft Matter 16, 6091-6101 (2020) [B08]

  26. Arthur Markus Anton, Evgeny Zhuravlev, Wilhelm Kossack, Ruslan Andrianov, Christoph Schick, and Friedrich Kremer,
    Fingerprints of homogeneous nucleation and crystal growth in polyamide 66 as studied by combined infrared spectroscopy and fast scanning chip calorimetry
    Colloid Polym. Sci. 28, 697-706 (2020) [B08]

  27. Robert Karsthof, Arthur Markus Anton, Friedrich Kremer, and Marius Grundmann,
    Nickel vacancy acceptor in nickel oxide: Doping beyond thermodynamic equilibrium
    Physical Review Materials 4, 034601 (2020) [B08]

  28. Emilia M. Grad, Isabell Tunn, Dion Voerman, Alberto S. de Léon, Roel Hammink, and Kerstin G. Blank,
    Influence of Network Topology on the Viscoelastic Properties of Dynamically Crosslinked Hydrogels
    Front. Chem. 8, 536 (2020) [B17]

  29. Sebastian Funtan, Anne Funtan, Reinhard Paschke, and Wolfgang H. Binder,
    Biomimetic Elastin-Like Polypeptides as Materials for the Activation of Mechanophoric Catalysts
    Organic Materials 2, 116-128 (2020) [A03/A12]

  30. Zuyuan Wang, Yu Cang, Friedrich Kremer, Edwin L. Thomas, and George Fytas,
    Determination of the Complete Elasticity of Nephila pilipes Spider Silk
    Biomacromolecules 21, 1179-1185 (2020) [B08]

  31. Nazmul Hasan, Karsten Busse, Tobias Haider, Frederik R. Wurm, and Jörg Kressler,
    Crystallization of Poly(ethylene)s with Regular Phosphoester Defects Studied at the Air–Water Interface
    Polymers 12, 2408 (2020) [B07]

  32. Aykut Argun, Tobias Thalheim, Stefano Bo, Frank Cichos, and Giovanni Volpe,
    Enhanced force-field calibration via machine learning
    Applied Physics Review 7, 041404 (2020) [B10]

  33. Muhammad Tariq, Oleksandr Dolynchuk, and Thomas Thurn-Albrecht,
    Independet Variation of Transition Temperature and Prefrozen Layer Thickness at the Prefreezing Transition
    J. Phys. Chem. C 124, 26184–26192 (2020) [B03]

  34. Justus F. Hoffmann, Andreas H. Roos, Franz-Josef Schmitt, Dariush Hinderberger, Wolfgang H. Binder,
    Fluorescent and Water Dispersible Single-Chain Nanoparticles: Core–Shell Structured Compartmentation
    Angew. Chemie Int. Ed. 60, 7820-7827 (2020) [A03]