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Involved projects are stated in brackets.

  1. Bian Qian, Daniel Montiel, Andreas Bregulla, Frank Cichos, and Haw Yang.
    Harnessing Thermal Fluctuations for Purposeful Activities: the Manipulation of Single Micro-Swimmers by Adaptive Photon Nudging.
    Chem. Sci. 4, 1420 (2013)    [B10]
  2. Steffen Kurzhals, Claudia Enders, Wolfgang H Binder
    Monitoring ROMP Crossover Chemistry via ESI-TOF MS.
    Macromolecules 46, 597 (2013)     [A03]
  3. Handan Arkin and Wolfhard Janke
    Polymer-attractive spherical cage system.
    Eur. Phys. J. Spec. Top. 216, 181 (2013)     [B04]
  4. Handan Arkin and Wolfhard Janke
    Gyration tensor based analysis of the shapes of polymer chains in an attractive spherical cage.
    J. Chem. Phys. 138, 054904 (2013)     [B04]
  5. Rongchun Zhang, Tingzi Yan, Bob-Dan Lechner, Klaus Schröter, Yin Liang, Baohui Li, Filipe Furtado, Pingchuan Sun, Kay Saalwächter
    Heterogeneity, Segmental and Hydrogen Bond Dynamics, and Aging of Supramolecular Self-Healing Rubber.
    Macromolecules 46, 1841 (2013)    [A01]
  6. Elena Ostas, Tingzi Yan, Thomas Thurn-Albrecht, Wolfgang H. Binder
    Crystallization of Supramolecular Pseudoblock Copolymers.
    Macromolecules, 46, 4481 (2013)     [A03, A01]
  7. M. Kovermann, F. X. Schmid, and J. Balbach,
    Molecular function of the prolyl cis/trans isomerase and metallochaperone SlyD
    Biol Chem 394, 965 (2013)    [A08]
  8. Ricardo Kurz, Marcio Fernando Cobo, Eduardo Ribeiro de Azevedo, Michael Sommer, André Wicklein, Mukundan Thelakkat, Günter Hempel, and Kay Saalwächter.
    Avoiding Bias Effects in NMR Experiments for Heteronuclear Dipole-Dipole Coupling Determinations: Principles and Application to Organic Semiconductor Materials.
    ChemPhysChem 14, 3146 (2013)    [A08]
  9. V A Ivanov,  A S Rodionova, J A Martemyanova, M R Stukan, M Mueller, W Paul, and K Binder.
    Wall-Induced Orientational Order in Athermal Semidilute Solutions of Semiflexible Polymers: Monte Carlo Simulations of a Lattice Model.
    J Chem Phys 138, 234903 (2013)    [A02]
  10. Arthur Markus Anton, Wilhelm Kossack, Christof Gutsche, Roxana Figuli Ene, Periklis Papadopoulos, Jihaan Ebad-Allah, Christine Kuntscher, and Friedrich Kremer
    Pressure-Dependent FTIR-Spectroscopy on the Counterbalance between External and Internal Constraints in Spider Silk of Nephila pilipes.
    Macromolecules 46, 4919 (2013)     [B05]
  11. Mark P Taylor, Pyie Phyo Aung, and Wolfgang Paul.
    Partition Function Zeros and Phase Transitions for a Square-Well Polymer Chain.
    Phys. Rev. E 88, 012604 (2013)    [A07]
  12. Emmanuel Urandu Mapesa, Martin Tress, Gunnar Schulz, Heiko Huth, Christoph Schick, Manfred Reiche, and Friedrich Kremer.
    Segmental and Chain Dynamics in Nanometric Layers of Poly(Cis-1,4-Isoprene) as Studied by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy and Temperature-Modulated Calorimetry.
    Soft Matter 9, 10592–10598 (2013)    [B08]
  13. Stefan Hölzer, Matthias Menzel, Qamer Zia, Ulrich Sigmar Schubert, Mario Beiner, and Roland Weidisch
    Blends of ethylene-octene copolymers with different chain architectures - Morphology, thermal and mechanical behavior.
    Polymer 54, 5207 (2013)     [A05, B09]
  14. Christoph Allolio, Nora Salas-Illanes, Yogesh S Desmukh, Michael Ryan Hansen, and Daniel Sebastiani.
    H-Bonding Competition and Clustering in Aqueous LiI.
    J. Phys. Chem. B 117, 9939 (2013)     [A09]
  15. Mark P Taylor, Wolfgang Paul, and Kurt Binder.
    Applications of the Wang-Landau Algorithm to Phase Transitions of a Single Polymer Chain.
    Polym Sci Ser C 55, 23 (2013)    [A02, A07]
  16. Alexej Krushelnitsky, Detlef Reichert, and Kay Saalwächter
    Solid-State NMR Approaches to Internal Dynamics of Proteins: From Picoseconds to Microseconds and Seconds.
    Accounts Chem. Res. 46, 2028 (2013)     [A08]
  17. Toufik Naolou, Annette Meister, Regina Schöps, Markus Pietzsch, and Jörg Kressler.
    Synthesis and Characterization of Graft Copolymers Able to Form Polymersomes and Worm-Like Aggregates
    Soft Matter 9, 10364 (2013)    [B07]
  18. Martin Tress, Emmanuel U. Mapesa, Wilhelm Kossack, Wycliffe K. Kipnusu, Manfred Reiche, and Friedrich Kremer
    Glassy Dynamics in Condensed Isolated Polymer Chains.
    Science 341, 1371 (2013)     [B08]
  19. Tatiana Zinkevich, Veniamin Chevelkov, Bernd Reif, Kay Saalwaechter, and Alexey Krushelnitsky.
    Internal Protein Dynamics on ps to u S Timescales as Studied by Multi-Frequency N-15 Solid-State NMR Relaxation.
    J Biomol NMR 57, 219 (2013)    [A08]
  20. Kerstin Schäler, Anja Achilles, Ruth Bärenwald, Christiane Hackel, and Kay Saalwächter
    Dynamics in Crystallites of Poly(ε-caprolactone) As Investigated by Solid-State NMR.
    Macromolecules, 46, 7818 (2013)    [A01]
  21. M. Braun, and F. Cichos.
    Optically Controlled Thermophoretic Trapping of Single Nano-Objects.
    ACS Nano 7, 11200 (2013)    [B10]
  22. Jens Balko, Ruth H Lohwasser, Michael Sommer, Mukundan Thelakkat, and Thomas Thurn-Albrecht.
    Determination of the Crystallinity of Semicrystalline Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) by Means of Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering.
    Macromolecules 46, 9642–9651 (2013)    [A01]
  23. Wycliffe K Kipnusu, Mahdy M Elmahdy, Martin Tress, Markus Fuchs, Emmanuel U Mapesa, Detlef-M Smilgies, Jianqi Zhang, Christine M Papadakis, and Friedrich Kremer.
    Molecular Order and Dynamics of Nanometric Thin Layers of Poly(Styrene- B-1,4-Isoprene) Diblock Copolymers.
    Macromolecules 46, 9729 (2013)    [B08]
  24. H. Barqawi, M. Schulz, A. Olubummo, V. Saurland, and W. H Binder.
    2D-LC/SEC-(MALDI-TOF)-MS Characterization of Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Biocompatible PEO m–PIB–PEO nBlock Copolymers.
    Macromolecules 46, 7638-7649 (2013)    [A03]