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  1. Holger Scheidt, Isabel Morgado, Sven Rothemund, Daniel Huster
    Dynamics of Amyloid β Fibrils Revealed by Solid-state NMR
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  2. Viktoria Blavatska and Wolfhard Janke
    Conformational Properties of Polymers Near a Fractal Surface, in: Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed-Matter Physics XXV, edited by D. P. Landau, H.-B. Schuttler, S. Lewis and M. Bachmann
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  3. Viktoria Blavatska and Wolfhard Janke
    Polymer adsorption on a fractal substrate: Numerical study
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  4. Georg Künze, Patrick Barré, Holger A. Scheidt, Lars Thomas, David Eliezer, Daniel Huster
    Binding of the three-repeat domain of tau to phospholipid membranes induces an aggregated-like state of the protein
    Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1818, 2302 (2012)     [A06]
  5. Handan Arkin and Wolfhard Janke
    Structural behavior of a polymer chain inside an attractive sphere
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  6. Thomas Henze, Klaus Schröter and Thomas Thurn-Albrecht
    Investigation of the different stable states of the cantilever oscillation in an atomic force microscope
    Nanotechnology, 23, 245702 (2012)     [B03]
  7. Isabel Morgado, Karin Wieligmann, Magdalena Bereza, Raik Roenicke, Katrin Meinhardt, Karthikeyan Annamalai, Monika Baumann, et al.
    Molecular Basis of Beta-Amyloid Oligomer Recognition with a Conformational Antibody Fragment.
    PNAS 109,12503–12508 2012    [A06]
  8. Holger A. Scheidt, Isabel Morgado and Daniel Huster
    Solid-state NMR Reveals a Close Structural Relationship between Amyloid-β Protofibrils and Oligomers
    J. Biol. Chem. 287, 22822 (2012)     [A06]
  9. Detlef Reichert, Tatiana Zinkevich, Kay Saalwächter, Alexey Krushelnitsky
    The relation of the X-ray B-factor to protein dynamics: insights from recent dynamic solid-state NMR data
    J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 30, 617 (2012)     [A08]
  10. Handan Arkin and Wolfhard Janke
    Ground-State Properties of a Polymer Chain in an Attractive Sphere
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  11. Parvin Zare, Maria Mahrova, Emilia Tojo, Anja Stojanovic, Wolfgang H Binder
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  12. Ruth Bärenwald, Yohan Champouret, Kay Saalwächter, Kerstin Schäler
    Determination of Chain Flip Rates in Poly (ethylene) Crystallites by Solid-State Low-Field 1H NMR for Two Different Sample Morphologies.
    J. Phys. Chem. B 116, 13089 (2012)    [A01]
  13. M Marenz, J Zierenberg, H Arkin, and W Janke.
    Simple Flexible Polymers in a Spherical Cage.
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    Influence of Lattice Disorder on the Structure of Persistent Polymer Chains.
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  15. Haitham Barqawi, Elena Ostas, Bo Liu, Jean-François Carpentier, Wolfgang H. Binder
    Multidimensional Characterization of α, ω-Telechelic Poly (ε-caprolactone) s via Online Coupling of 2D Chromatographic Methods (LC/SEC) and ESI-TOF/MALDI-TOF-MS.
    Macromolecules 45, 9779 (2012)     [A03]